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Company Profile


Henry Architecture & Design provides a full range of architecture, engineering, and construction related services. With a depth of design experience in healthcare, education and community use buildings, we serve clients with long-term operational and building performance needs.


The firm is founded on a diverse portfolio of project types and twenty-five years of design experience. Our clients have included religious communities, school districts, municipalities and retail store owners. For the past eight years, we’ve worked exclusively in the healthcare market, designing and building patient care environments in hospitals and outpatient settings.


The transformation of our nation's healthcare system is placing new demands on facilities and on the design process needed to deliver them. We're working to integrate our past experience with new strategies in project design and delivery. With the increasing demand for building performance, we're able to meet new challenges with innovation and the willingness to be adaptable.


We believe quality architectural solutions emerge from strong client relationships, creative leadership and attention to detail. Henry Architecture & Design is committed to being effective advocates for our clients’ vision and these core values. 

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