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A new Clinic for Special Children, Belleville, PA

Friday night we learned that a design team led by Fernsler Hutchinson was selected to produce a new facility for the Clinic for Special Children. The Central Pennsylvania Clinic, to be located in Belleville, PA, will extend services to the Plain and English communities in Big valley and neighboring valleys.

The clinic’s mission is to “provide comprehensive local medical care, integrate science and clinical medicine, and share knowledge to improve the health of children who suffer from genetic disorders.” The founders, Holmes and Caroline Morton, established a practice of translational medicine with three major goals:

  • To deliver effective and affordable diagnosis and comprehensive care for children with genetic conditions

  • To develop modern laboratory methods that serve the needs of patients and families

  • To expand the capability for clinical studies, education, and training in genetic medicine.

At HAD, we're pleased to bring our healthcare experience to the Fernsler-Hutchinson team's proposal for this facility. This new clinic will be designed in the style of a bank barn, a traditional agricultural building type common throughout Pennsylvania. It will also house some of the most advanced laboratory facilities operating in the U.S. today. Patient-centered care has direct implications for the design of this building as it will serve as a medical home for many people in the Plain community.

It's an honor to be selected to design this clinic. Since the Mortons founded the clinic in 1989, it has been described in over 30 news and magazine stories and Dr. Holmes Morton has received numerous awards including the Time Magazine Hero of Medicine (1997) and a John D. and Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (2006).

Here, the Big Valley community gathers for a benefit auction to raise funds to build the Central Pennsylvania Clinic on Saturday, May 30th, 2015.

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