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Operational Support Services:


For clients with long term operational and building performance goals, we can perform studies designed to gauge a facility's capability in the following areas:


Building Code Evaluation

When a client wishes to purchase or renovate an existing building, especially where a change of occupancy is anticipated, a building code evaluation can quickly reveal any code-mandated renovation and can help clients make sound decisions regarding department relocation and property acquisition.


Life Safety Evaluation

Designed to support healthcare facility managers, we offer survey and modeling to identify and locate existing life safety assemblies within the building. This service allows hospital managers to be proactive in discovering deficiencies in their building's life safety arrangement prior to discovery by regulators. It can also identify defunct assemblies that can be declassified, thereby eliminating the cost of maintaining them.


Accessibility Survey

Accessibility laws have been in force for more than twenty years but many existing facilities still have barriers to people with disabilities. For clients who own, manage or plan to purchase a building for public use, we'll conduct an in-depth accessibility survey of the facility, with or without the creation of a model, to identify facility improvements needed to effect full compliance with laws.

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